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Kate spade activity tracker : Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Activity Tracker Smart Band Wristband with OLED Display Calories Counter Health Sleep Monitor for iPhone Android Phones.

Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall

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Vcall’s Wristband fitness tracker band is a great alternative best fitness tracker in the world it has multiple feature which will give you better performance in daily life and this  tracker is a small, self-contained USB device.It has varieties attractive color like as Black, Blue, Purple and Pink so it have overall good looking which increase your personality.

Help you to keep fit:

This best fitness tracker can learn your activity level including amount of steps, mileage, heart rate, and records calories burned throughout the day, improve your overall wellness activity today-tomorrow and well into your future.

Monitor your sleep:

Set the sleep mode when you go to bed to track the quality of your rest, nudging you toward a healthier lifestyle.

Motivates you to be active:

It  will help you to get idea how much you run or walk and how much need to walk which shows by display and just walk for a couple of minutes to reset and keep you energetic.

Keep you informed:

By using this smart bracelet you have no chance to miss any information like as SMS, incoming calls, calendar alerts, facebook, twitter, what’s app, and skype notification. So never chance to forget any things.

Long battery life:

After one time charge it will give better service and there no headed to keep charging continue.

Nice digital display:

This best fitness tracker has ultra-modern screen which display overall information and it is easy to read that is required for you and it help you so on.

Related apps:

For this best fitness tracker you need app and without the app this band will show a step counter, time, calories burned and distance you walk or run and for that its need to paired with Zeroner app, a wealth of information data can be obtained. It has another need able feature which show you right track where you wanna to go by GPS tracker.


Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet Vcall Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet VcallSmart Accessories

Tricky point:

It support iPhone 4S//5s//5c//6s/6 Plus, iPad3 and IOS7.0 upstairs; android 4.4 above smart phones. Forzeroner app go to Google Play and get the sync app downloaded and installed.


It has so many advantages one of them this needy point and thought it is water registrant; still need to clean this bracelet if there are any unintentional water & oil contacts.


This modern fitness tracker is light-weight and comfortable to wear as well as to uses and overall, you really like it and surprised by the features and quality. So at the drop of hat you can buy it and get pleasure to your best fitness tracker experience.

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