LQM I5 Plus Smart Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Screen Best Fitness Tracker:

LQM I5 Plus Smart Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Screen Fitness Tracker Health Sport Wristband Sleep Monitor TPU Material (Red)

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LQM-15 Plus Bracelet Fitness Tracker is the best fitness tracker and it is essential for every people to enhance  their well smartness and activities. It’s famous spread out all over the world. Now a days we can not think something not only  naturally but also we think everything artificially such as we have different part in our body those are gifted by creator, well but we can decorate all the part with some  attractive best fitness tracker it enhance our extra out looking. Our LQM-15 this type of smart fitness tracker that will increase your hand’s extra out looking.

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It provided by LMQ famous company its model no. is 15 Plus-Red. It is provided to customer at a cheap rate so that every person can by our 15 Plus-Red model fitness tracker. Our 15 Plus-Red has well touch screen, 4.0 Bluetooth and health support auto sleep wristband monitor and its monitor is TPU materialized red. Our 15 Plus-Red will ensure your health parameters, it will also give you solid time, steps, distance that you passed in a day and will ensure your calories burn to walking, exercising, playing and working. So you understand that it will easy your daily work automatically. The best fitness tracker will track both the sleeping and motion mode at every night with light and deep sleep.

Our 15 Plus-Red is giving you some unbelievable and wonderful features those are impressed you all time such as it has smart remote controller by using it you can off and on your tracker’s switch. You can transfer your families photos by using our smart remote, This best fitness tracker has Whatsapp that common features in the now a days, it has Twitter that is another important value in the world to communicate with other, and also has the greatest social communication media face book now a days face book’ spread its famous in the whole world.

The person who know  about the internet he or she uses face book. Without face book we are helpless thinking its necessity our 15 Plus-Red appeared near your hand with these features as well as you will send call other, you send some text, you read  text and message easily for its easy function. Push reminder support fit for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, itouch5 ipad3 to ipad4 android 4.3. It has USB charging and filled within 40-45 minutes by 5V 1A charger. It also has App supported application with lithium-ion battery  that will work 5-7 days longer.

Finally, we expected that our 15 Plus-Red can be your best friend for its well features. This best fitness tracker is secured from sweating, raining. Please order us without any hesitation from any where by using ithealthfitness.com web we will send you in your expected time with free shipping cost.

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 9 reviews
 by Jennifer A. Jones on ItHealthFitness.com
Good Wrist Band

Cherish this wellness band.The band was conveyed in great time, and was undamaged. I effectively possess a more costly band, however it wasn't a touch screen, and doesn't do a large portion of the things this band does, so i was quickly awed.

 by David A. Carson on ItHealthFitness.com
Too Comfortable

The fitness tracker is that one, which can give us better performance to keep our body fit, and this is the best one with its services and I’m so happy to use this smart gadget.

 by haboard on ItHealthFitness.com
Durable battery…….

I ordered this as a result of I even have a match bit and therefore the sole notification that I purchase calls. Well, this is often one if I purchase ANY notification on my phone it's on this bracelet. Love it. The battery continues last around five days. Each sturdy as I’m a Maintenance school and it's get splashed with water and oil all the time and it's still ticking.

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