LUCOG Wristband Smart Best Fitness Tracker 2021

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LUCOG Wristband Smart best fitness tracker is beneficial for male and female because it can beautify hand’s extra out looking as a result your smartness and fashion will become well as well as tracks your whole days activities. It is offered by a famous company LUCOG.LUCOG tracker is an USA registered product it has trademark with Serial number. It’s serial 8703566. It is sold only $ 30 cheap rate with best quality than other competitors.

Materials:The best fitness tracker made with soft adjustable silicone band, stainless steel buckle without nickel that is free from skin allergy.

Compatible:LUCOG Wristband Smart and best fitness tracker is compatible fora smartphone, tablet pc, IOS 8.0 or above, android 4.3 or above. It works with Bluetooth 4.0.

Specifications:0.96 inch OLED big sensitive touch screen with gesture sensor control, USB charger, App Zeroner Health, I5 Plus 3.0 Version, touch display.


It has a lot of functions those are idle date and time, Message Notification, only a slight vibration,  alarms, text, incoming call, Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook.

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Tracking: it will track your steps, distance, sleeping and waking time and calories lost.

Package:it is offered you with package such as like 1 x LUCOG I5 Plus 3.0 tracker, 1 x Charger with USB, and 1 x English user’s manual that is easy to perceive by all.

Secured: it is secured from different water such as drizzling, fog, sweating, raining, and showering.

It’s functions are easy to understand every person perceive it easily. It can use while sporting, exercising, boxing, wrestling etc. You can also use it in any function, occasion, weeding, and others ceremony.It has a large no. of male and female  customers respond. You can see it’s and our others health and fitness tracker’s tracking system from enjoying videos from here you can see details about our trackers that, how to use it and how to track it your activities. Please order us and receive with free shipping cost.

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 by mathu gala on
Saving cost and getting opportunity

Hi, I’m John is a proud user of the LUCOG wristband smart tracker. Now, I goanna tell my opinion. There are unit several things to love concerning this good Bracelet. It’s comfy, I prefer that it is often charged with USB therefore I continually have a charger handy. The 3 colors are unit fun to possess. It lets American state recognize after I have a call or text message that is handy if I’m in an exceedingly clamant place. Pursuit my activities extremely motivate American state to stay moving a lot of. I do suppose the steps count could be a very little low therefore I subtracted a star for that. After I carry my good phone, whereas sporting the bracelet the phone step count could be a heap on top of the bracelet. I even have had no issues with the app and it extremely incorporates a heap of options and continually stays connected to the bracelet. I used to be able to customize my decisions on time, goals etc terribly simply.

 by Benson on
Good quality fitness band

Overall this is really good quality and it doesn't scratch really easy the silicone band is nicely made I like how you don't have to really connect it yourself. It just automatically latches on and it's adjustable easily as well. The heart rate sensor is really good & the touch screen is nice as well also like how the quality of the screen is really good for the price you're getting it at. I'll come recommend this to anybody who wants something better that also has a good charge or battery. Also the design of the app comes with really nice and easily navigates through as well.

 by Nusrat Jahan Khan on

There are numerous things to like about this Smart Bracelet. It is agreeable, I like that it can be accused of USB so I generally have a charger convenient. The three hues are amusing to have. It tells me when I have a telephone call or instant message which is helpful on the off chance that I am in a loud place. Following my exercises truly inspires me to continue moving more. I do think the means tally is a little low so I deducted a star for that. When I convey my cell phone while wearing the wrist trinket, the telephone step check is a great deal higher than the arm jewelry. I have had no issues with the application and it truly has a considerable measure of elements and dependable remains associated with the wristband. I could alter my decisions on time, objectives and so on effortlessly.

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