Gosund C6 Fitness Tracker 2020

Gosund C6 fitness tracker

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Gosund C6 is a multi-functional smart best fitness tracker. This fitness tracker is manufactured and marketed by famous band Gosund. This fitness tracker is a wrist wearable bracelet made of high quality silicon which provides a painless comfort.

The best fitness tracker basically a smart pedometer that counts your every footstep and distance you crossed. Even It will count your step if you climb a building. Gosund C6 pedometer bracelet enough intelligent to calculate your calorieburnings through walking, jogging and workout. The best fitness tracker C6 fitness tracker has optical heart rate sensor that shows your heart rate with PPG, you can see the results more easily. Not only this, Gosund C6 Monitor your sleep time and quality, help you to develop good living habits.


Another unique feature of this best fitness tracker is Call & Text Reminder: Gosund C6 will inform you when a call or text sms is coming; you never need to worry about missing any important calls or sms. It has smart alarm system that helps you to wake up timely. Not only this Gosund C6 pedometer bracelet has anti lost alarming system, shake to take photos option.

The best fitness tracker fitness tracker has 0.69 inch capacitance touch-screen OLED display that shows you exact time and collected data.This fitness tracker has 45mAh lithiumpolymer battery which provides you long lasting (about 7 to 10 days) battery life. You can charge it via USB cable and it take a very few time to make battery full. Gosund C6 fitness tracker comes with water resistant level IP65 for regular use.

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Gosund C6 fitness tracker fitness tracker is compatible with smartphone powered by Android (should be 4.4 or upper) and iOS 7.0 like iPhone 4s or above. This fitness tracker works with Bluetooth 4.0 and upper.

Gosund C6 pedometer bracelet is a light weight (about 15g) bracelet and it has multi-color like black, purple, blue etc. Gosund provides you one year service warranty and one month money back guarantee.

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 4 reviews
 by alicia on ItHealthFitness.com
I like this……..

Hi, I’m Robert 29 years old and professionally a police. I really like this. It fits nicely with tiny to giant-sized wrists. It's made up of the very nice quality material. Its Bluetooth connected and tells Maine the most recent text messages that come back through or the calls. Tells Maine the time and the way I sleep. The app works dead fine on behalf of me - though it may well be revamped. The factor I actually loathe is that the measuring instrument is so wrong. I walked regarding one hundred steps through my house and it came I would walk 2000 steps. Therefore, I’d adore it if that were additional correct though in my expertise most are not. It's easy to show on and switch between screens to induce to what you would like to look at. Overall I actually am passionate about it and that I do not have a Fit bit like it, however, my friend United Nations agency will say she likes aspects of this one plenty higher.

 by Peter on ItHealthFitness.com
Accurate and smart fitness watch

To be fit this is an essential device as I think so and I use this smart watch when I go to gym, it is very comfortable to wear, could ok for any hand. Easy to understand instructions, the data cable pops out easily and plugs into any phone charger plug, then pop it back in, download the app and link the smart watch to my phone. I tried this for a full day to ensure accuracy. It is very helpful for me in gym. It records my steps, calories burned; mileage etc. It also has a sleep tracker. Good service and well worth the money. I am satisfied by using this smart fitness tracker.

 by Steve J. Coke on ItHealthFitness.com
Smart Tracker

I am very happy to buy this fitness tracker. It is very comfortable to wear. There is no affect on my skin rather I feel well to wear. I use this smart watch when I go to gym. Easy to understand its instructions, it has download option and has app from where I can download easily. I tried this for a full day to ensure accuracy. It is very helpful. Recorded my steps with calories burnt. Clear to read app it also has a sleep tracker, pedometer, water proof and iPhone, android supported features.
Good service and well worth the money.

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