EIISON Fitness Tracker:

EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S

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EIISON Fitness tracker with heart rate monitor E3S Activity Watch Step Walking Sleep Counter Wireless Wristband Pedometer Exercise Tracking Sweatproof Sports Bracelet for Android and iOS.

Now a day fitness tracker is great accessory in our daily life for keeping healthy and get perfect fitness as we want & here this EIISON Fitness Tracker is the great fitness gadget with popular Wristband they provide best performance daily life accessories that can help you to get your  desire requirement for better life activity.

This fitness tracker has step counting capability.That faithfully recording your running data and tracks that you done in a day. The device helps you manage your data to provide guidance for your exercise plan. As well as your daily sports activities like as walking, jogging, cycling etc. That will be automatically detect your performance. What’s more, the device employs a learning algorithm, the more you use it, the more precise the data will be.
It’s very comfortable to wear as it is made almost entirely out of silicone and is very smooth with lightweight so there is no headache heavy weights about this gadget that you sure comfortable.

EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3S EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor E3Shealth fitness bra

This fitness tracker consist with 0.49” OLED screen display that very easy to read your performance data and keep to you active with mini vibration alerts motor by that you can see stats and time with a bright OLED tap display.

For getting better sleep performance this tracker is great sleep monitor. That make sure yours  comfortable ZZZ  and your sleep will be monitored throughout the night.  Until you are woken up by a morning call by vibration for that no chance to get up your accepted time and this device offers you intimate companionship around the clock.
This device has fitness tracker with heart rate monitor system which can monitors your heart rate in real time and constantly traces any changes in your heart rate and get perfect result as you want.


Actually you gonna get a real time fitness tracker that give you better active performance @ your daily life by use it and this EIISON Fitness Tracker is the right track and you gonna especially like that & it tracks your HR beat even when you sleeping and thanks to stay with us (if you have any inquiry just contact with us@ ithealthfitnes.com).

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 4 reviews
 by rita on ItHealthFitness.com

Truthfully, this is the 2nd fitness watch I have tried and it really is great. For the price, I believe it is totally worth it. My son used Fitbit, actually said, "I like yours better!" It has all of the features of the common fitness tracker but at half the cost. The product is relaxed and the band stays on. It gives me all the info I was looking for, mainly steps and being able to see the time. It sync's nice with my iPhone. It is a great price and great product.

 by Mineral Laugh on ItHealthFitness.com
Great Products

I am SOOOO content with my decision to buy the EIISON Fitness Tracker!!!I had surgery on my lumbar spine 2 weeks back, and my treatment is strolling. I haven't possessed the capacity to stroll in a couple years).As I am to walk, and now ready to, the first thing I did when I returned home, well, not without a doubt the first, but rather near it, was to get on Amazon and look at the trackers. Initially, I requested an alternate brand (being the penny pincher that I am) and was distressfully frustrated. So I started my pursuit once more.

 by Christina on ItHealthFitness.com
Exceptional Battery lifetime fitness tracker

7. I have utilized this from 2 weeks now. I simply needed to charge it yesterday. The main couple of days I thought the means were somewhat off so I messaged the organization and got the accompanying reaction:
"This gadget track ventures by 3 triaxial developments. Few stages will be viewed as waving hands and won't be aggregated.
For instance, you strolled 100 stages, it checks the number yet when you stop, it will come back to the past number. It would be ideal if you take a day's information to think about your development, it additionally gives a diagram on the application. You can test it when you go for running; it numbers easily with no issue. We recommend that you turn on games mode when taking strenuous exercise. Press the sensor and hold for a few moments, it show 3...2...1 then it will begin sports mode." I was exceptionally content with this answer yet I kept checking the means for two or three days only for my own particular learning. The more I wear this the more exact it appears to have been able; like it has been able to know my body developments and what to number and what not to tally. I do accept at present that it is exceptionally exact. I am still so content with my buy and even got more groups to change out the hues. This was an extraordinary buy for me.

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