BITWATCH Activity Tracker Bracelet

BITWATCH Activity Tracker

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BITWATCH Activity Tracker Bracelet – Fitness and Activity Watch Smart Wristband Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Monitor Step Counter Sports Pedometer and Exercise Band for IOS and Android Smartphones (Black)

This best fitness tracker is useful device that make you perfect and active in your daily life, for that  a tracker  would be great if it has required feature that need able for user and  he or she can get benefit to use it and here this BITWATCH activity tracker that include  fitness activity with cheapest cost and  with great feature.

BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Tracker BITWATCH Activity Trackerhealth fitness bra


This best fitness tracker is helpful for great health, fitness and nutrition with activities of sleep controls. How much steps you walk in a day and how about your daily activity.  It can inform you how much need to activity to full feel  up your daily goal.

This best fitness tracker activity tracker will also tell you how many calories you burned today . And it is great for anyone watching their weight a slim body is perfect for every person. This tracker show you how much weight you loss and it also tells you how far you have walked.

The best fitness tracker actually a watch with required feature that give you desired goal and it has nice LCD monitor that very easy to read and you can hit the button in the side & it tell you what time is it and how many steps you took, calories burned and distance walked purpose.

The best fitness tracker watch is very comfortable to wear and lightweight capacity that make you very comfortable to use and  this tracker has very easy apps that will be  match with your smart device and get good result for health.

This best fitness tracker has modern technology that makes this bracelet as well as fitness tracker so much easier to use and will increase the experience of your workout time and analyze your data over days and adjustable flexible band.

Overall this product is great to use for getting fitness result and  make you very active as you want and about this tracker if you have judgment or any question don’t be hesitate  we are always  prepare to give our hand to you and thanks to stay with

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 5 reviews
 by Dianna A. Lindsey on

This is Dianna, I’m an athletic person and I’m so happy to use it on the basis of its performance, it trace my sleep quality by measuring the duration of deep sleep and light sleep all night long! That’s cool to inform me for my activities result and I comfortable with my wrist and I also like the gentle reminder that tells me to get up and stretch after sitting for too long. Most importantly, it’s comfortable and stylish to wear all day long, which makes me feel like I’m getting the most value out of this. I even wore it to go to sleep and was surprised to learn about my sleep quality or lack of quality, actually this tracker is great to play !

 by Jackson on
Awesome fitness tracker for health aware people

I am a health aware person and always try to be fit myself and for my family too. Basically I use fitness tracker and recently I have given this smart fitness tracker to my wife as Christmas gift; she is wearing this smart band from Christmas and she is happy so far. Definitely it’s not a Fitbit but it has all main futures like; heart rate monitor, pedometer, music and camera controls, sleep monitor and calories burned counter. Of course, time and alarm are here. Synchronization with Android application was easy. So, price/quality ratio looks pretty well and I would recommend it to people who want to control their physical condition by doing some activities. It acts like a health personnel to me and for my family. Really this is an awesome smart band.

 by julia on
Good but not working step count properly….

Good but not working step count properly….
BIT Watch may be a smart product for the cash. However, Here is positive and negative feedback.
Pro: It has a good charging system that charges it quickly.
Cons: It doesn't count steps and calories properly. I do know that as a result of I used my friends Fit bit to check. The belt is fretful and extremely previous wanting.
Overall, it's a decent convenience, however, doesn't serve the aim as you expect. I’ll be returning this and should be obtaining Fit bit.

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