Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker

Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker

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Smartness depend on personality as well as useable accessory that makes you good looks and for that some accessory are important for you and this accessories if has great point and it give you good looks with helping for good heath and the best fitness tracker is Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker and it’s the most famous in the market as well as for user that makes their desire requirement & here some attractive feature that make you over smart.

Nice Design:

This best fitness tracker is made with leap seem and it looks so pretty with you nick as well as you worn that make nice look.

Good Breathing:

This best fitness tracker great breathing capability that give you acquired breathing result during exercises and actually you want like as you wanna perform a big meeting before that you take a deep breath and this Bellabeat can show you breathing result with good result that means you can manage and relieve stress & increase focus.

Sleep Remote:

Best fitness tracker help you to get comfortable sleep and provides guidance on how to achieve most rest from the hours you have slept.

Great Activity:

This tracker is most effective for getting result that makes you active i.e. it advises you how to optimize your activity that’s helpful for you.

Check monthly cycles:

This tracker can tracks period and adulation cycles that help you to know everything about your reproductive health in correlation with every other aspect of your health include.

Great Wake up Systems: Bellabeat fitness tracker that has cool alarm capacity which helps you to wakes up you gently in the morning or can be set with required activity alerts.

Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker Bellabeat LEAF Activity Trackerfitness bra

The Bellabeat LEAF activity tracker brings a new level of your life; this gorgeous designed activity tracker monitors your activity. ZZZ quality and  helps you manage stress through guided breathing exercise. It understands your adulation cycle, and great to  wakes you up in the morning. This best fitness tracker helps you improve specific aspects of your daily routine so you can feel your absolute best! And this best fitness tracker even can you remind you Pill taking period that some forget so there is no chance that make you inactivity. This trackers related apps are available in play store that make you easier to pair with your smart phone. Above all this fitness tracker is great to use that makes you active as you want.

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 5 reviews
 by Donetta S. White on
Too Gorgeous!!!

This is the great idea about a fitness tracker that looks natural leaf with gorgeous style, actually this idea makes me charm the natural leaf become my necklace that’s sound make me excited before buying and this tracker is most useful with its nice features, this tracker makes me too gorgeous with its simple design and color (balckwood) with my dress and I can use it as a necklace and bracelet too.

This tracker is cool with phone apps with better sync, related apps are available at playstore market, actually say in a word this smart device is awesome for use with its performance and have a nice day!

 by liza on
It’s rocking……..

It’s rocking……..
Hi, I’m Liza 28 years old. I’m pleased to say something about the Bella beat. My husband surprised with my Leaf as an early Christmas present-- everybody tells me, however, engaging it's. I actually like this product as a result of I feel it promotes general health and wellbeing. I am learning that taking some minutes to breathe and meditate very will result in a less disagreeable day and higher sleeping. The primary day I wore the Leaf, I rated extremely stressed and when some weeks my general ratings are lower and that I realize myself handling stress higher. I favor amount the tracker feature and hope they'll develop this feature little additional well like period tracker apps. No complaints, however conjointly hope they'll provide the loop chain in rose gold. This is often a superb product!

 by Christina on
Pretty good steps and heart rate tracker

I got this to track my steps and heart rate. It does pretty well that setup was easy, just had to go through the app to set it up and then sync. It gives alerts through the app on the phone such as news alerts, email, text messages, phones calls, etc. One bad thing is that the notification alerts are ON or OFF but this is controlled in the app so they can fix this later, where I would like to get the notifications on reminders, some emails, telephone calls and texts but not every email or every news alert that pops up on my phone. My wrist vibrates all day since I do get quite a few emails. It's easy to scroll which mode that I’m looking for with the one touch responsive button on the face of the screen. The band itself is non replaceable silicone and I will have to see how well it holds up (hopefully better than my jawbone 2 did). The battery seems to be doing well so far, it's been a couple of days and it's still at full charge. It also keeps track of the number of steps, estimated distances and calories burned. This is very helpful for me and day by day and I am depending on this kind of device. It acts like my personal assistant through 24 hours in a day.

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