Kissral Wireless Activity Wristband Fitness Tracker:

Kissral Wireless Activity Wristband Fitness Tracker Compatible with Android and IOS Smartphones,Bluetooth 4.0,Black

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Kissral fitness tracker is a good looking wrist band seems like a bracelet with marvelous and shiny black color that is user friendly for everyone. Kissral wrist band is one of the best fitness tracker for those people who are conscious and aware about their health and fitness. Kissral wrist band help you to keep your health fit by counting and giving proper information about some of activities like walking, running, sleeping, measuring heart beat rate etc.

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Kissral wristband can monitor your heart beat rate from which you can understand about your heart beat that is normal or something wrong. This wristband can act like your health personnel by giving you the proper information about your physical condition.

This black smart bracelet can provide you about your call notifications, display the time and also it has the special features like message or twitter reminder. The standard sports function can help you to calculate your walking steps and distances that how much you walked  or run from which you can reach your goal about your daily walking or running activities that you are used to. Kissral wristband will monitor your acuurate and effective sleep time with your movements overall the night and can help you to wake up in the morning with smart silent alarm.

Kissral wrist band is light weighted and small one which is user friendly. This band has bluetooth connectivity with your phones or devices like androids, iOS and windows operating devices. But for this you must have to be connected with internet connection on your devices.

In the digital world kissral wristband is the most useful thing for people to keep their health fit, cause without physical fitness there’s nothing can be possible like success. So everyone should try to use this kind of smart band for their own benefit.

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by Kristle Horman on Blank Product Name
Helpful device for all who wanna be smart and slim one from over-weighted one

fitness tracker is an amazing invention that this is the most essential product for me that I can say it as an important element in my daily life. I was fatty one and tried to control my over weight but it was a dream for me to be slim. It’s about 6 months ago when I started to use this device and my weight has reduced from 90kg to 75kg that is close to my goal. All has been possible by its tracking and reminder options that help me to do my exercise accurately from which I can fulfill my daily activities goal perfectly and it makes me tension free now a days. I think it was perfect choice for me that I decided to use this band and for all of my happiness I cordially thankful to the website from which I have learned about this kind of fitness tracker.


I am Mark i bought Fitbit fitness tracker for my personal use. It is very fine to look at and its functions are easy to understand. It’s accessories is fantastic that charmed me. It tracks me all time. I use it all time as while like playing, and exercising. It has good charging back up. It has also Bluetooth, notifications, incoming and out going call, calendar, alarms and text message functions. It is secured from sweating, raining. It is android supported. It gives solid time and also gives to save photos in it. It has multi functions and features finally i am satisfied to Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker.

by John Mike on Blank Product Name
The best steps counter I have ever used

Kissral fitness tracker works well. This is very helpful for me. I am a healthy man and I like to keep myself fit all the time. I believe health is the root of all happiness and health is wealth also. For this reason, I always prefer walking cause walking is the best exercise for me. And fitness tracker can count my steps and distances I have walked or run accurately that make me goal oriented. I usually like to walk 10k a day, but before using this it was very tough for me to count or fulfill my target accurately. But now I can complete my daily target very easily with 100 percent accuracy that is very helpful for me and I am satisfied to use kissral, cause in my personal opinion this is the best I have ever used as fitness tracker.

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