HeHa Women Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker Weight Loss Calorie Counterc Fitness Watches with Sleep Monitor Alarm Clock:

HeHa Women Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker Weight Loss Calorie Counter Fitness Watches with Sleep Monitor Alarm Clock

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The Heart of Human has a natural pacemaker that’s keeps it beating steadily and in a safe zone. But it’s not uncommon to be out of your regular zone-when you’re working out, for instance, or if you have an abnormal heart rhythm, known as an arrhythmia, like as a atrial fibrillation. HeHa Bluetooth heart rate monitor will monitoring gadgets,It can be monitored your heart rate in daily life.

The Harvard and  TW Hospital has been Approved to Health Monitor and also a striking smart wristband fitness tracker in CES 2016 by HeHa Women Qi.

We Collected data tool in clinical research from Brigham and women’s Hospital , an It is affiliated of Harvard Medical School and used as a dedicated device in clinical research by National Taiwan University Hospital.

The new method of HRV for assessing the effects of stress on body. It’s measured as the time gaps between heart beats that varies as breathe in and out. In general and a high HRV indicates dominance response of the parasympathetic, the side of the autonomic nervous system that promotes, digestion, relaxation, recovery & sleep. The parasympathetic system is also known as the ” breed and feed “or ” digs and rest ” system. A low of HRV indicates dominance makes sympathetic response, the flight or fight side of the nervous system associated with stress, over training, and inflammation. That’s why lot’s of people has been using HRV for decades to track the health and recovery of their patients, and it’s why HRV is a predictive indicator of overall heart health, risk of heart attack, and other cardiac events.

2-min health check by Health Monitor , Your electrocardiogram signals are measured for HRV analysis. Including, Restoration the activity of parasympathetic nervous system which can determine your ability to switch from a tensed state to a relaxed state. Biological Age What your actual body age is. Stress How stressed you are , Balance, Assessing your balance and autonomous nervous system.

Features of this Products:

·         V4.0 Bluetooth

·         Operating system-iOS 7.0 or Above and Android 4.0 nad Above

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 3 reviews
by Scarlet Tindle on Blank Product Name
It can count my heart rate

Heha is one of the most beautiful fitness tracker. Basically this band is for women but everyone can wear and use. It works better to count heart rate that how fast the heart rate is from which as a women I can relax in every time. When I was admitted in the hospital my heart condition was more worse than present time, then doctor advised me to use this band that can work in many fields like counting steps, calorie distances, sleep monitoring etc. From that time I am the user of this and I am really satisfied to use this. It works good and after using this I am feeling better than before.

by Nolita on Blank Product Name
Out-looking smart fitness tracker

After purchasing it, day after day it is inspiring me toward it. it works 24 ours just like a robot. It counts my very steps, passing km those are very attractive to me. It also reminds my incoming call, alarms these functions are common essential for every moments because for working load and another busyness I can not receive incoming call and SMS but another any time later this tracker reminds me the vents those happened before. It’s color and polished material gives me mirror-full light. After wearing this fitness and smart tracker my additional beauty gorgeous me more.
It is compatible with my android smart phone. Now I am well satisfied utilizing this smart fitness tracker.

by Jessy on Blank Product Name
Sprectaculas Tracker

This is my favorite bracelet tracker. I am working as a fashion designer and basket ball player I can attest this as a watch is water resistant and I wear it in a rainy day even I use it shower time daily and it series are well. The app is very simple to use and keeps track of my walking and exercising habits. It also has breathing exercises to relieve stress. I have done these with my exercises for a month and I have noticed that I handle stress better now, I snap less and getting great result.

So I was very impressed with this band and it has the standard color black, pink, blue and so one, It gives me spectaculars result during my exercise time, is hart rate remote control is awesome that good result for sleeping peruse and charged this for an hour as the directions stated and have not needed to recharge all week and another thing is its apps is available for play-store place so it too easy for sync.
There are so many benefit is wetting for a user they can use it.

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